Because we are better together, we invite everyone who has completed Mill City Connect to become a part of our Lift Team. More than church membership, the Lift Team identifies who our core community is. It is the family of people committed to making a difference by owning our vision, carrying our values, and making church happen.

To become a part of our Lift Team, we invite you come to Mill City Connect, discover your spiritual gifts, read A Commitment to Excellence below, familiarize yourself with our list of Teams, and complete the Lift Team Application below. This process will help you to identify a Sunday team on which to serve. Once completed, becoming a part of the Lift Team will also include completing a background check to help us provide a safe environment for minors. We look forward to welcome you to the team!

A Commitment to Excellence

Becoming a part of our Lift Team is a commitment to pursue a life of excellence in belief and behavior. This commitment to excellence is reflected in the following statements:

Having received Christ as my Lord and Savior and being in agreement with the values and ideas presented in Mill City Connect, I now have found my home with the Mill City Church family. In doing so, I commit myself, to God and to the other team members, to do the following:

Lift Team Application

If you are ready to share in this commitment to excellence with us, we invite you to complete the Lift Team application found at ****

Once complete, we will be in touch with you to let you know what you can expect from here!

The following is a list of specific teams that make church happen. Together, these teams form our Lift Team. As noted below, several of our teams have both in-person and online serving opportunities available. Feel free to indicate on your application as many teams as you are interested in, and someone will be in touch with you real soon.